Casinos, protocols, and rules of behavior

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Betting rooms are associated with fun, adrenaline and a gang of players who, in their desire to win, can be annoying, anxious and, in the worst cases, unpleasant. It is a reality that casinos, staff members and, in the end, justice must deal with.

That sinful environment that is associated with the casinos is, at least, a quite erroneous conception. In fact, there are salons that demand so much from their clients that they might even be branded as snobs.

However, to prevent the environment from becoming uncontrolled by human passions and the excitement of the game, these ways are more than acceptable. Casinos, after all, are a business that must maintain a certain status, especially if it is a prestigious business.

In that sense, it is possible to classify these rooms according to the people who visit them. Some gambling halls in Las Vegas are entirely touristy, of common facilities and with less tight protocols than some luxury casino in a five-star hotel in Macau or Monte Carlo.

Be it from the locality in question, the rules are there for a reason. Even so, the following are those that apply in “cheap” and “luxurious” gaming halls alike. In this way, people can realize that no matter where they are, there are protocols that will be the same for everyone.

Presence of surveillance cameras

Some conspiracy theory against the casinos once assured that the gambling halls kept the cameras on their clients to observe all their movements and thus be able to turn their possibilities against. This thought, however, also came from this audience that, without hesitation, said that businesses spread oxygen in the game environments to suffocate those who are there.

Neither one nor the other is true. In fact, the presence of security cameras is something so common in different types of businesses that, the casinos, to follow the rule, have had to comply.

What people do not know is that this “protocol” is as necessary as it is mandatory. Not only does it help staff members to stop any altercation and maintain the safety of their clients, but it also helps to discover, very easily, if someone is committing traps or dishonest tricks to the rest of the table.

From this perspective, the presence of these teams is heavily dosed and, what is more important, it is justified that they are everywhere. The duty of the clients before that certainty is to maintain the impassibility and be aware that, unless they are installed in a bathroom, the cameras comply with what is established by law.

Possession of telephones and cameras

Although gaming halls have all the freedom to install surveillance cameras in their spaces, this action for players can result in a price that is expensive, definitely not want to pay. The same goes for cell phones and pagers

The rule applies to active plays. That is if a person is immersed in a game of poker or another practice in a collective, the presence of cell phones is frowned upon. After all, the table needs maximum concentration and these devices, between the noise they generate and the apprehension they arouse, are an element that should not be held in the hands during a session.

This protocol applies to companions -or bystanders- who approach the table and serve as spectators. As much as technology is present in each and every one of the everyday spaces, these devices are not at all appreciated by casinos.

Game turns

Some people say that waiting to play at a blackjack table or a slot machine is a driving equivalent: everything happens in sync as long as you do not pretend to take the rest of the participants ahead.

The casinos, in that particular, will be quite strict in the fulfillment of the turns and will also sanction that player who, in his eagerness to play, disrespects the time of the table and the integrity of his teammates.

In that sense, it is worth clarifying that in certain spaces players cannot be displaced until they make the decision. Even to urge someone to end their session is not only considered a lack of respect, but a gross action that, in case of becoming insistent, affects the admission of whoever commits the fault.

However, not everything is discouraging. Being a “voyeur” in collective games, such as poker and blackjack, can be used to update yourself with what is happening. In other words, “catch up” and get a few tricks-if you’re old enough

Purchase of chips

There are two maxims that should be followed about this topic: knowing who and when to buy them. Committing this mistake is common in newbies, but the truth is that it becomes quite simple once people stick to this rule.

The first thing that is established is related, of course, to whom to buy the chips. Some will believe that it is the same business that distributes this game element once the money is delivered, but the truth is that everything comes at the expense of the distributor. He only has the power to deliver chips to customers.

On the other hand, a standard that also adheres to this method of payment is the right time to take it. That means that however wealthy a person may be, the chips can only be acquired hand by hand.

This avoids the overcharge of chips within the table but also serves as a precaution for theft. Selling in bulk, the casino can do a kind of audit to determine where all its chips have gone. It is a fair and reasonable security measure.

Finally, as far as the cards are concerned, it is always better to walk with feet of lead, to know how much each one of those received is worth and to keep them in the indicated space.

Bets, withdrawals, and tips

The goal of whoever visits a casino is, undoubtedly, having fun and making a little money. In both circumstances, however, management establishes certain protocols that must be met.

With regard to bets – specifically, table games – the felt that covers them is marked with specific spaces in which the player must place the chips that he will bet by hand. It is important to handle carefully and determine the value of each one very well, since being asked for chips in return is annoying and subtracts quality time in the game.

The same applies to payments. Once the round ends, the player can claim his money. The distributor, of course, will deliver the equivalent in chips that, later, can be exchanged for real cash.

Finally, in the case of tips, although they are not an obligation, giving them is as well seen as it may be unpleasant not to give them. The good thing is that each person decides who and how much money they can offer as a reward. The casino will never establish an amount or percentage, which adds respect and credibility among its customers.